Advanced spintronics nanomaterials and devices


​The present project proposes an ambitious multidisciplinary effort towards alternative innovative energy-efficient spin-devices:
(i) Fundamental models of operation of the Racetrack Memory,
(ii) Voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy in Rashba systems, expected to be more energy-efficient than STT-MRAMs,
(iii) Voltage-controlled resistance change in strongly correlated systems, combining energy efficiency with huge signal/noise ratio, and,
(iv) Spin injection in novel oxides that have recently opened very promising directions towards charge-less electronics, due to long spin lifetimes.​


​Principal Investigators: A. Manchon​ (KAUST), S.S.P. Parkin (IBM). Co-PIs: U. Schwingenschlogl (KAUST), B. Jones (IBM).