Development of high performance magnetic sensors for oil & gas and biomagnetic applications


​The goal of the proposed research is to develop the state-of-the-art solid-state magnetic field sensors using the latest technology called magnetic tunneling junctions (MTJs). These are high performance magnetic sensors with unprecedented sensitivity, low power consumption, high frequency response, and miniaturized physical sizes. Through our collaborative effort, a magnetic sensor development platform will be established. We will develop magnetic sensors with sensitivity 10 to 100X larger than best solid-state sensors currently available. If successful, we will bring transformation change to the applications of magnetic sensors. We will aim to develop magnetic sensors for oil&gas field exploration/production and biomagnetic sensing.  KAUST is in a unique position for the proposed program. We have an interdisciplinary team with competencies in every aspect of magnetic sensor development. Our transformative research is leveraged by the availability of a rather complete set of core facilities, which is second to none among academic institutions worldwide.


Principal Investigator: X.X. Zhang (KAUST). Co-PI : C. Santamarina (KAUST), T. Patezk (KAUST), A. Manchon​ (KAUST), G. Xiao (Brown U.).​