Towards 3D magnetic memory devices


Our objective is to develop novel memory devices that provide ultra-high memory density (10 to 100 times higher than those of contemporary devices) and low power consumption per bit (10-100 times lower than 2D approach). We approach this objective by realizing a 3D memory design and by benefiting from the latest technological progress in nanofabrication and spintronics. This research proposal covers several critical, challenging and novel components that are required for the 3D memory devices. They will be based on cylindrical NWs of 80 nm in diameter and 30 μm in length (a reduction in diameter will be considered at a later stage of the project), and they will be developed in separate tasks, which will lead to novel results in different areas thrusting further research progres​s.


Principal Investigator: J. Kosel (KAUST). Co-PI: A. Manchon​ (KAUST), J. Wang (Minnesota), B. Stadler (Minnesota).​