Upper Undergraduate Level 
  • Principles of Optics
  • Crystallography & X-ray Diffraction
  • Applied Quantum Mechanics
  • Electronic Properties of Materials

Graduate Level 

  • ​Magnetism & Spintronics
  • Transport Theory
  • Introduction to Many-​Body​ Theory
  • Introduction to Nanoelectronics
  • Transport in Disordered Systems

Recorded Seminars and Talks

"Spin-Orbit Torques in Novel Materials"
13th RIEC International Workshop on Spintronics of the Tohoku Forum for Creativity, Tohoku University (2015)

"Spin Transport in Disordered Antiferromagnetic Devices"
Antiferromagnetic Spintronics Workshop at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (2016)

"Theory of Spin Transport in Antiferromagnets"
Proc. SPIE 9931, Spintronics IX, 99310Q (4 November 2016)
An abstract and video recording are available under the following link​.